Tuesday, August 16

5:00 a.m. and It's So Strange'

Long before she crawled on a table as
the few lights there were faded to black. And like slaves to her rhythm, the throng of
chi-chi poo-poo la-la "kids"
crammed closer to the stage at the
Paradise Garage
pulled up to the bumper: to feel
the heat of
Her Royal Highness.
Her adoring fans stood sweating in NYC's
legendary underground club
packed like salty fish
and waited... and waited... for over an hour. For once, the dancing stopped.
But the music didn't: the DJ played Her "slavish" anthem in repeat the entire time.
After the longest while, she arrived
by two burly brothers to the stage... each lifting Her by a long, sinewy arm: She couldn't walk.
Or simply wouldn't.
I hoped she wouldn't do a "Sly," too STONEed to go on.
But this Diva from Another Planet?
This Diva writhed and spat and convulsed and hissed and kicked and ranted and whipped
the crowd senseless. Like a B&D Afro-bot -- straight, no chaser -- from Mars. She did this six-feet-deep in tough, Jamaican jerk skin: Her warm leatherette was swathed in nothing more than
white hierorglyphic body paint...
Nu vodou. Ancient to the future.
A Neo (Soul) Wave(ing) Diva who shouted out today's fierce fusion music long ago,
in ways that no one else had -- or has since.
100% out-of-the-box performance artist
100% avant garde DNA.
There was always just EXTRA Her
Body, Mind, and Soul
In The Reign...

Clicks to Miles Davis catalog, but explore as you like


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!
I have asociety and culture site. It pretty much covers society and culture related stuff. Come and check it out if you get time :-)

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog site is bananas. I will return. Just hope you keep it fresh, cause you already keepin' it real.


11:39 AM  
Blogger Phillyboy said...

I met Grace Jones when I gave her a portrait-of her. She loved it. At first, I was a little intimidated...she was a little icy...but soon she was warm, friendly and fun. Sweeping out the door in this huge smiling black cape with hood, she said goodbye and she looked stunning and we had a silly laugh and a great farewell. Fond memories. Glad she's got new CD out, touring...will she come to the States? Hope so!She puts on a great show...saw her twice. Once in Hollywood...The Whisky a Go Go.You should go out and get all of her music...it is timeless and always very good. Grace Jones is...well...Grace Jones...fabulous.

12:59 AM  

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