Sunday, August 14

The Acid Jazz assassins

If Yo-Yo Ma whipped up a soul food meal, peppered it with Sly & Robbie's five-alarm bass, and cooked it in a funky pot out back -- in the elements of Earth, Wind, and Fire -- you'd have a taste of Outside.

This London-based Acid Jazz band is the ultimate fusion food for me! Led by multi-instrumentalist extraordinairre Matt Cooper, this cult classic import CD was released on the Dorado label in 1995. Titled The Rough and the Smooth, no truer words could describe Outside's sound. Theirs is Nu Jazz genius, music so funk-da-fied they indeed have the effect of sandpaper: they play rough, but execute with gutter smooth precision. Sounds a bit like S&M, doesn't it? You know you want it. (Freak!)

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