Friday, August 26

Neo Soul Sabre - Sandra St. Victor

Check out the Mack Diva, Sandra St. Victor, former lead singer of The Family Stand. (Remember their sizzling hit of 1988, "Ghetto Heaven?!" However, Sandra's earliest musical roots on the national scene included stints with Chaka Khan and Roy Ayers. So you know this brazen Gemini is packing heat!

A native of Dallas, Sandra is a power vocalist who's masterful at mixing it all up. She don't back down, and she don't ease up! She's never scared to say it, sing it, confront it, love it, or hate it... What ever "it" is. Not only does she render songs with heart-stomping, soulful expression, she often does so in a musical cul-de-sac of funk, rock, or jazz. This Gemini is always a delightful, put-ya-foot-in-it-and-smash-it-TUP trip!

Don't miss these killer tracks from Sandra's solo CDs:
Mack Diva Saves the World
Gemini on Both Sides:

  • Move Me
  • In a Zone
  • Since You Been Gone
  • Rise
  • Lonely In a Crowded Room
  • Chocolate
  • Molassas Rain
  • Mack Diva
  • Come Over
  • Slippin' Into Darkness (yes, a cover of 'that' one!)
In 2000, Sandra was featured on, like, FOUR tracks on the CD commemorating guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. Of late, she's been touring Europe, and I'm ecstatic to see she's doing so with a number of other stellar, original sisters!

Sandra is a bit of a musician's musician, beloved by Industry insiders but hasn't quite cracked the commercial code, as enormous as her talent is. That's a great thing for us who like that deep, edgy ish, but probably doesn't result in what she deserves financially.

Hope you'll check her out from time to time, catch her when she comes to your city, and show this rare, funked-out Mack Diva gem some love:

Viqi French

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