Saturday, August 13

Welcome: Where You're At, and What It Is!

Dial 9-1-1: This Music Blog Spot is on Fire!

Here's a mock-up of my book cover. I don't suppose I need to type the title here...

What's a book with such an intriguing title about? Well, you'll have to visit for that insight.

However, I will say that it's a humor memoir of narrative essays about events from my teen and childhood years.

By the way, I'm offering a free music CD to everyone who visits and participates in my "e-mail this site to your friends" promotion.

The free music CD features many of my favorite Neo Soul and Progressive Jazz acts, which is precisely what this blog spot -- Viqi French Fever -- will be about. At this blog spot, I'm writing about these eclectic genres of music, spotlighting artists such as Bilal, Return to Forever, Lizz Wright, Jhelisa, Fela, The Roots, Doug & Jean Carne, Grace Jones, Lewis Taylor, Tweet, Flora Purim, N'Dambi, Common, Gil Scot-Heron, Nina Simone, Carmen Lundy, MeShell N'degeOcello, and sooooooooooo many others.

This blog spot -- Viqi French Fever -- will be highly interactive. If you love this music, and have similar favorites you'd like to write about, don't be shy!! Tell us who you're feelin', tell us your top 5 artist/albums, tell us about the time you met your favorite act, tell us the story of your favorite concert and why!

Every other Saturday, we'll explore new topics involving some of these artist and special thoughts or memories they may inspire.

So come here often, and come here buckled in for a mind-bending excursion through some of the most remarkable music ever made!

Don't Lose Your Salt, Baby!


Clicks to Miles Davis catalog, but explore as you like


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