Friday, September 9

BET Telethon: Hip-hop taking on another Bush?

Uh-oh... I feel an OutKast moment ticking toward the political front... Some mad, bad hip-hopper rhyming, "Me and you (Bush), yo' mama and your cu-zin, too!"
I'm talking about the First Mama, former First Lady Barbara Bush, and this injudicious remark she made Wednesday during a radio interview, after touring the Astrodome:

"What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them."

This is working very well for them?! Like the affected people are grinning widely because the same government that didn't even show up with drinking water has now put them up in the Trump Tower.

Nor, will the government likely show up down the line with fabulous prizes, like Bob Barker on "The Price Is Right."

Sure, there are people in this crisis who may be a little better off. It's great to be alive, dry, and not thirsty. As a next step, maybe America will even live up to its promise to these citizens, and give them a fair chance. For example, a decent shot at getting a decent job with benefits and the like. One could even consider this reparations forced by nature.

But it doesn't appear the vast majority of Gulf Coast residents will be better off. Many probably will never recoup half of their financial losses. Too many apartment dwellers just don't buy renters' insurance, in some cases because they're struggling to afford a bus pass to get to a low-wage job. And most homeowners' policies don't cover floods. People are waiting with baited breath to learn if the industry will have a heart, or go strictly by the contract.

Chances are, Mrs. Bush, that most of the residents of the decimated areas will not be doing very well, at all. Please don't get survival mode gratitude twisted. Happy that a few food stamps for Pampers and Tampax, cash for an appropriate outfit for a new job search, and a security deposit toward a warm/dry place to live do not a region of long-term heel-clickers make. This is just a little water...

So tonight, for the televised BET Fundraiser, some people are taking bets on who might verbally knuckle up the First Mama at the M-I-C for her indecent exposure. Seems like folks are snatching off their white sheets faster than Twista could spit K-K-K! Now that's what's "scary."

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Anonymous D. Martin said...

You not the only one thinking somebody on BET was gonna address this. Wanna say what's up with the Bush family, but then again, old man Bush gave us the heads up when he was in office. Just more of the same from 'beet necks' with cash.

Good take on the situation though.

1:11 PM  

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