Wednesday, September 28

Happy Birthday to Modern Music

Imagine our world without the various music styles we know and love today. Would we be liftin' every voice to sing Vivaldi? Hazin' on purple Haydn? Maybe bangin' Bach on the block? Sounds bananas, right? Well, this is precisely why a worldwide shout-out goes today to brother William Christopher Handy, who on this day in 1912 published the sheet music that started it all: The Memphis Blues! He single-handedly changed the music game beyond compare.

Unfortunately, W.C. Handy was hoodwinked back then, barely made any money from the new-fangled song triggering the music revolution that birthed every genre from Jazz to R&B to Rock. But this genius composer is probably tickling the big ivories in the sky today if he's listening to all that His Ye-Ness -- the Kan man -- has sparked with a bluesy collabo featuring Jamie Foxx, titled Gold Digger.

Peep this rendition of Gold Digger to understand just how far the Memphis Blues has taken us:
George Bush Doesn't Like Black People.

George Bush song at Viqi French Fever - The Hot Nu Music Blog
Way to go, Cool Papa Handy - Father of The Blues! We still singin' your praises, and the type of songs you knew so well:
"I ain't sayin' Bush a gold digger. But he ain't messin' with no broke-broke!"

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