Saturday, September 10

New Orleans musicians found, JazzFest, Zulu Parade

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According to, it's official: The show will go on, regarding the 2006 New Orleans JazzFest! The site's owner, author Chuck Taggert, is also serving as one heck of a clearinghouse, ensuring that members of the New Orleans music community know who's been found safe and sound.

It's tough to imagine that any other music community in any other American city could have such a tightly knit family. Just check out this incredible list of all those who've checked in with Taggert (or vice versa) from God knows where:

And if there's never another
Zulu Parade in the 'hood, hearts worldwide will break. For many Black culture vultures, the idea of no more Zulu Parade is as numbing as no more World Trade Towers! If you've never experienced the Zulu Parade or Ball during Mardi Gras, follow these links to get a taste of what is arguably New Orleans's most distinctive tradition:

Official Zulu Krewe Site
Fan Photo Gallery 1
Fan Photo Gallery 2

Once things are back on track in NOLA, it'll be well worth the trip to hit the Big Easy, to enjoy the city's unique heritage of Jazz, Blues, R&B and Zydeco music. And if you go during Mardi Gras, your trip's not the most fun unless you catch the Zulu Parade. As sung by Zulu's most legendary King -- jazz great Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong -- It's a Wonderful World!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn! Ain't nobody in the media even mentioned Zulu. Keep us up on what you find out. I went to that back in the day. Yo, that was kraze.

Slik Nik 404

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a shame, you can't even count on black media like BET to give good news about these kinds of cultural institutions. And they wonder why blogging is taking off? It's becaue people want deeper, more specific sources which major media can not seem to get to.

See me blog out y'all at

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Milton Speedy said...

It''s quite impressive.

5:49 AM  

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