Thursday, October 27

Condi Rice demon-eyes-ed

Okay. This is the photo of Condi Rice that USA Today first ran online yesterday:Secretary of State Condoleeze Rice is demon-eyes-ed by USA Today.

After receiving hysterical complaints about her glowing eyes, this is the non-doctored version they replaced the above with:
Any questions? Does this possibly mean that someone at USA Today doesn't like Republican people? Things that make you go Hummm...

BTW: If you're a photography buff, this
blogger posted an intense pixel-by-pixel analysis of the two photos and called USA Today liars for saying they were really just trying to lighten Condi's cheeks. The blogger also posted this "split image" version contrasting the two:Twisted before and after merge of the scandalous Condi Rice photo in USA Today All this photo schizophrenia amidst the extreme headline for Condi's article, which basically said: Rice won't deny U.S. could be in Iraq another 10 years. (Duh? Whatchu talking 'bout, Willis!?)


By the way the good peeps over at EURweb featured a nice round-up about some of the ways the legendary Mrs. Rosa Parks is being honored, including:
  • The restored 1948 General Motors bus that officials believe Parks rode during her act of defiance, currently housed at the Henry Ford Museum near Detroit, was draped with purple-and-black crepe and moved into the center of the museum shortly after her death.
  • Ellen DeGeneres left one seat open in the front row of her studio audience during Wednesday’s episode in Parks’ memory.
  • The Game Show Network (GSN) will honor the civil rights matriarch on Friday (Oct. 28) with the airing of two game shows that featured Parks. At 9:30, the network will air an episode of "To Tell the Truth” from 1980, which featured Parks as a celebrity guest.
  • On Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 8 p.m., Lifetime Real Women will air "Intimate Portrait: Rosa Parks." Guest interviews include the late Ossie Davis and his wife, Ruby Dee, and Elaine Steele, Parks' longtime friend.
  • Same night but Lifetime Television at 9 p.m., "The Rosa Parks Story," premiers, stars actress Angela Bassett in the title role and Cicely Tyson.
  • The upcoming animated sitcom “The Boondocks,” set to premiere Nov. 6 on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim late-night block (yes!), has thought it best to cut out several jokes that were made at Parks’ expense during an upcoming episode. However the series, based on Aaron McGruder’s daily comic strip, has kept in stories about R. Kelly and several Huey rants about Jesus and 9/11.

Link to for the update on funeral services and other touching tributes scheduled for Rosa Parks.

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