Friday, October 28

Nutz: Looks like Dick is going down

Oh deeze nuuuts! Rumor has it that Vice President Dick Cheyney's number one guy, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, is going to be indicted for perjury today. In other words, Cheyney's chief of staff got busted for trying to cover up something.

News pundits are speculating all over the place about whether he snitched out his boss, The Dick. I think he did, as I've noticed Scooter Libby walking with crutches, from a broken foot -- or a broken something. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby after Dick Cheyney gave him a vice presidential beat-down for snitching him out? Guess the Neo-con goons did the best they could to shut him up... Still, he needs to learn from Lil' Kim and Martha Stewart about what happens with perjury.
Lil' Kim could teach Scooter Libby a bit about perjuring one's self.

Here's to the opening of a can of whup-ass worms that gets the conversation beyond Valerie Plame being an outed secret agent by Cheyney & Co., and deeper into the bogus WMD evidence that justified the war in Iraq. Democracy my foot. (Ooops. Sorry Scooter.)

The man thought to be George Bush's brain, Karl Rove, is said to be half off the hook... for now. The investigation into his wrong-doing will continue. Read the full story in the Washington Post.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

to hell with all neo-Conz. let em all rot in jail.

9:16 AM  

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