Sunday, October 16

Oh Seven

I promised Berry at that I'd participate in this cool self-reflect-and-share meme I discovered on her blog. Unfortunately, I'm too swamped with a project this weekend to do the entire thing, but here are my #1 responses to Berry's...

Oh Seven...

1. Something I plan to do before I die: I dream of living in Amsterdam, not that I've ever been there. It's just that two of the most intriguing people I've met on this entire planet were from Amsterdam. They were both young white women; neither seemed to "know" she was "white." It was the coolest thing; they baffled me. I'm so sick of the color issue in America. So Amsterdam may be my "soul mate city." Maybe it's more of a colorblind meltingpot.

2. Something I know how to do: Marketing proposals using PowerPoint. That's what I've been doing all weekend, and must return to it shortly. The people I'm doing this for were ecstatic with my first draft a few hours ago. They had no idea how quickly I threw that thing together. I did in 48-hrs. what normal people do in a week.

3. Something I cannot do: I can't ice skate, can't really rollerblade either. Waaaaa. Waa. Waaaaaa. I've tried both enough times to have figured it out, too. Pisses me off because I rollerskate fairly well. Thought the skill would transfer over. Wonder if something's wrong with how my ankles are made...

4. What attracts me to the opposite sex: Enthusiastic, multi-faceted conversation. I most appreciate a man whose spirit, interest and intellect can move with me from Farakhan to car repair to co-worker issues to J Live, then we crack up singing "A-B-C" by the Jackson Five together -- all within 30 minutes.

5. Something I say most often: "Thank you." But my friend's 15-year-old niece told her to stop saying "thanks" all the time 'cause people take it as a sign of weakness...? "Lawwwwd today," is all I can say to that. (And that's my other favorite saying.)

6. Celebrity Crushes: Tyson Beckford. He kissed me on the lips once and I came this close to going to jail. Had to fight back my inner-slut to keep from jumping his bones right there, outdoors on 3rd Avenue. In front of everybody.

7. People I'd like to see do this exercise: Rocky, my doggie.

Rocky thinks he's a person. I think he thinks he's a little Prince, and I'm his servant, the spoiled brat... (That's
mommie's mookie! smooch-smooch)

Clicks to Miles Davis catalog, but explore as you like


Blogger Berry said...

Ah, the abbreviated version...wish I'd thought of that. I'll cross you off the list ;-)

6:08 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

hey, i'm just now coming up for air from my project. yikes! lol good to be done with that.

12:59 PM  

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