Saturday, October 15

Sean Paul: All Hail "The Trinity"

Out only 2 weeks, Sean Paul's Trinity has already blazed toward the top of the Sound Scan charts, putting Jamaica's exciting dancehall sound dead center of the spotlight.While reading Newsweek online today, a reggae dancehall story featuring superstars Sean Paul and Damian "Junior Gong" Marley naturally caught my attention. Nice piece "introducing" the music, but as is often the case, I came away from it feeling a little like Jadakiss, asking WHY?...
  • Why does black music that's been around as long as dirt suddenly become "official" once the mainstream media finally catches on? Dancehall has been on fire for decades. Why are they just blood clot writing about it, as if it just swooped down from Mars?
  • Why didn't someone the article referred to learn a Major Lesson from hip-hop: black folk don't create "fad" sounds any longer. What we do is mad creative and evolutionary; it's not a "here today" trend, gone tomorrow. Even the Blues is still firmly planted, worldwide.
  • Why did the article similarly quote nay-saying reggae fans, who believe people like Sean Paul are selling out, ruining dancehall by making it more accessible (i.e., commercial). Years ago, a so-called "hip-hop expert" told me Jay-Z was no more good once he came out with songs like Change the Game. I thought this person was totally nuts (or deaf) at the time, but now know I should have just said, "Shut up, fool! Jigga's 'bout to laugh your snobby ass all the way to the World dag-blasted Bank of Def Jam."
  • And Why for chrissakes in the Newsweek article did it almost sound like dancehall legends such as Yellowman, Beenie Man and Shabba Ranks had a just a handful of fans, when these cats were the third largest export out of Jamaica since forever. Right behind Bob Marley and, yaw know... that Bob Marley.

Don't know Why either? Well, just enjoy the article. It's a very nice piece, really. Just a got me thinking a little, that's all.

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