Friday, October 21

Stevie Wonder: "A Time to Love" The View

Just caught a bit of Stevie Wonder's highly entertaining segment on The View, and there was simply too much going on there to ignore. Like the title of Stevie's new CD, his show-long visit was definitely A Time to Love:

  1. Stevie still sounds totally wonderous, with a butter-melting voice that's not lost one iota of it's magic over the years.
  2. Stevie's still speaking from a Higher Ground point-of-view; seeing beauty where there ain't no beauty, have mercy.
  3. Stevie still does what Stevie wants on a broadcast, singing something different from what anyone's expecting, per the production script.
  4. Star Jones Reynold gave an over-zealous shout to Stevie's fashion designer wife, Kai Milla, making it known that her newly trim body has slipped into two of Mrs. Wonder's wonders.
  5. All the white folk in the audience did what I often do in church: mis-mouth the songs, clearly not knowing the lyrics but pretending to be up on things.
  6. Eventually, some of the ladies on The Couch gave up trying to hang with Stevie's lyrics, and just smiled self-consciously during the songs.
  7. Stevie had a bit of an Ashlee Simpson moment. He removed his hands from the little keyboard while he was supposed to be playing -- and the notes somehow kept sounding without his fingers doing any walking at all.
  8. Stevie's beautiful daughter, Aisha, curiously sat on The Couch next to Ba-Ba Wa-Wa, and didn't join her dad and everyone else to sing the very song he created in celebration of her birth: Isn't She Lovely. (Guess she's heard it all before.)
  9. Eventually, I think I understood why Aisha hadn't sung once she joined her dad for a duet called Positivity. Maybe it was a bad case of nerves, but... Well, at least she inherited her father's good looks.
  10. Stevie's dark, funky eyeglasses bore designer insignias so huge, they looked decorated with graffiti. Wondered if he'd gotten paid for the ad and who made them. Turns out Stevie did. The glasses featured this logotype from Stevie's first CD in a decade:
Click the Amazon banner to hear snippets from Stevie Wonder's new CD, A Time to Love.

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Blogger Clay said...

im wondering how the CD is

1:08 PM  
Blogger Berry said...

cool...I have to sample out on AOL before they pull it down.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

me too. hate to say it, but i expect to love half, and want to skip the other half. sorry, but anything too pop-ish won't get air-time on my system.

but then, as only stevie can, he'll have a handful of incredibly deep gems that just blow me away, can bring me to tears or make me understand some relationship in a deep, new way.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Lili said...

Missed the show but I was able to catch on VH1 soul a tribute show to Stevie. Many times an oldie would come on and you'd catch us stopping while doing chores (yuck) to sing and dance in the hallways.... even my 15 year old son...who is adding not only Young Jeezy but Marvin Gaye and Al Green to his ever expanding music collection!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

that son of yours is cracking me up. tell him to be careful mixing marvin gaye with the porn mag you found. lol

7:01 PM  

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