Monday, October 17

Whoa Nelly: Eagle 'drops down' rotten egg

EggheadOne of us is an egghead, and it could be me. But I just don't understand one single point this person wrote me to express. She's commenting on an article I posted a while ago at My piece was lighthearted, but said I was impressed with the books Lil' Kim would be reading during her 366-day "System Victimization." (Malcolm X's bio, Maya Angelou, etc.)

The most I can comprehend (below) is that she's telling someone off. I think it's me, but I'm just not sure. Could be Lil' Kim, the person who gave Kim the book recommendations...?

Re: Join Lil' Kim's Book Club Today! (CD Sold Separately)

Published at:
From: (name withheld)
Comment: There is reason to believe, as the phenomena of interpersonal relations, that socially engineered encounters rarely permit the freedom of speech necessary to accurately articulate the fine points of any given transaction. Also,within some psychological circles and professional ranks, 'elicited' speech is thought to be the truest example of personal thought and feelings, although the reality can be the exact opposite -- that words and phrases coaxed or demanded from a subject can be horrendously misinter-preted and misapplied.

'Lil' Kim' is a theme, and specific people have inspired that theme -- what should be limelight (?) events are often ruined as 'freedom of the press' ethic is applied as the power to grab and sell multiple copies of any original work that shows up on a factory door-step, and lead any interested parties onto stage. (?) The person should be allowed to choose her own reading, apart from the 'dreams' of 'just-ice' factions(?)to use stepping-stone tactics as means of personal advancement.

Well, drop down and get 'cha eagle on, girl!

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Blogger Lili said...

That is the most random piece of shit, excuse my francaise, that I've read in a long time. She sounds like a critic, no matter how you slice it, of everything.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Lili said...

Oh and a big pee ess....
Leela James is comning to LA and the hubby and I are going!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

"random" indeed. lol lots of big words and ideas, but where's the beef? who the heck knows the point?

6:41 PM  

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