Monday, November 7

France 11 days later: "Oh! We should fix jobs and racism??"

Well this is some hitherto unseen mix of arrogance and naivete. Today's the first day that I've read or heard anything other than "big dickens" from the hardline French government about the riots, which have now spread far beyond Paris.

Eleven blazing nights later, President Chirac finally mentions an intention to announce plans to deal with the underlying issues of unemployment, poverty and discrimination in the communities where the rioting has been most intense. Heretofore, all the French officials seemed busy doing was calling the rioters scum.

Have they learned nothing from the civil rights movement in the U.S.? Did they never hear of a fed up woman named Rosa Parks and understand that at some point the masses are willing to die for equality? With 30-60% youth unemployment and incessant racial profiling and harassment, these the kids in Paris aren't playing around. Get a good update here, at

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