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Veterans Day Diggables: Beyonce, Oprah & A bad rap for Paris Rap

Yeeehawww... A day off, so I've already watched lots and lots of TV. I plan to honor all war veterans -- including my dad and favorite uncle -- with prayer. But first, here's what's on my mind so far this lazy day...

Thanks to ObiFromSouthLondon for sending this link Paris + Rap. It features a frighteningly boneheaded op-ed piece from the New York Times, essentially blaming American rap music for the problems in Paris and surrounding cities. Warning: This guy is an offensive, racist nut.


Aretha Franklin and Mohammed Ali received important awards from George Bush yesterday at the White House. Shout out to my #1 girl -- Miss Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul -- who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for achievement in the arts. Another G.O.A.T. receiving America's highest civilian award was Muhammed Ali. It's about time on both accounts, and this is all real cool but... a) The Greatest clearly wouldn't have fought George Bush's dirty war, and b) too bad The Champ didn't have a Thriller in Manilla flashback and bop him like Kanye did.


Chicago's been buzzing all week about a Beyonce sighting. This morning I learned why she was here. She and her mom, Tina Knowles, taped an Oprah segment promoting their fashion line, The House of Dereon. Just to prove how twisted word gets, my friend C.M. told me Beyonce was here to promote a new perfume called Pumpkin! Well, she did promote a perfume at Marshall Field's. But it's Tommy Hilfiger's, who pays her to brand his True Star scent. (Pumkin?!)

In any case, I'll have to call my most fashion savvy friend, C.W. in Philly, a very catty, funny as heck woman who once ripped into Beyonce's clothing line like a bloody drag queen. I can hear C. now: "Beyonce's is a bold line... A Country Hooker silhouette you'll rarely see. Certainly not on a red carpet."

This outfit is not from Beyonce's House of Derion fashion line, but it somewhat indicates the surprising direction the line took. The powers that be behind the H.O.D. call it "forties inspired," a nod to Beyonce's stylish, seamstress grandma. Well, that they've achieved. It is all very dolled-up "Shuge," ready for a night at the shake shack with "Mister."


And more from today's Oprah... She devoted the other half of the show to the Broadway production she's among the producers of: The Color Purple. It opens on my b-day, December 1st, so my getaway wheels are churning. Oprah Winfrey and Quincy Jones are among the producers of The Color Purple, The Musical, which debuts on Broadway on December 1, 2005.

O. flew the entire cast to the Chi to do two numbers live on stage, and both were good. The song "Hell No" is a word-for-word take-off of the riveting dialogue from one of Oprah's famous scenes: All my life I had to fight...

Oprah's co-producers for the Broadway play were in the audience, including Q. I was thinking they should chat with Beyonce and Tina backstage. Some of the hoighty-toighty fashions from H.O.D. would fit right in the musical. Miss Ceilie can sell 'em in that boutique. Meoooow.


Last but not least, 50 Cent and Joy Bryant were on The View, promoting Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Star Jones had seen the movie and was sincerely complimentary of it, as was I in a post two days ago. Fiddy was so personable, especially with the cute banter between him and that crazy Joy, who asked what she should call him. He told her "Curtis," like his granny does. She playfully wondered if he was fronting her on her age. He had those babes wrapped, simply charmed. It was fabulous!

I'm sensing a peculiar dynamic about the flick, though. While Get Rich may not be highbrow enough for many mainstream critics (except Roger Ebert, who rated it 3 out of 4 stars), it may be too highbrow for some chicks in the hood...?

I listened to hip-hop radio last night, where people who'd seen Get Rich were invited to call in their opionions to Power 92's Donnie Devoe. The first girl liked it as much as I did; the next two hated it. One said she fell asleep; the other said it was like a Wayans movie. (These must be young women who don't know Tony Montana from a Toyota Corolla.)

I couldn't have that nutty "Wayans" comment be the one that stuck! So I called in my fifty-cent and think I managed to convince Donnie the film was well worth his dollars.

Whew, how the heck did I get in the business of doing damage control for 50 Cent?!? This brother owes me a check! LOL

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Clicks to Miles Davis catalog, but explore as you like


Blogger Berry said...

I.loved.Oprah this whole week!!!! She is blowing me away the way she keeps outdoing herself. No one else even comes close to her these days. Like, how do you compete with can't...really! I think I will forgo an outing so I can watch it again when it comes on another channel this evening. It was that good. I was on the verge of tears while they were performing that closing number, "The Color Purple." Guess who will be trying to get rush tix to see this show when it opens? Only thing that bothered me was that the woman playing Sophia was too old for that role. I thought Sofia and Celie were contemporaries but that woman looks like Celie's mama. I know they could have found a younger heavy set girl who can blow to play that role. Good old Broadway connections.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Lili said...

Ok, how selfish am I? I read that whole wonderful post and all I can think is....I wish I was at home watching tv!

4:08 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

yes, that last "color purple" number was a real tear-jerker. i was really feeling their gratitude toward her. and as a fan of the film, i was feeling it, too. this is a huge "full circle" as she said.

that was funny, too, about quincy jones finally giving her the movie poster with her name on the credit line -- a top level line at that!

when she asked for a credit on the poster, quincy probably thought, "well! some people are never happy." little did he know "who" she'd become, and how she'd make this book keep regenerating.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

sorry lili. but you got to see (and meet!!) leela james in l.a. -- and we didn't. so you have no days off till turkey time! :-)

3:31 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

berry, ps -- oprah is clearly going for the juggler this november sweeps period. which must be why you've noticed her programming has gone totally wild. btw, did you see terry mcmillan and her ex-husband? way deep...

3:33 PM  
Anonymous b.c.c. said...

bush looks like he want to choke aretha franklin with that medalion. he must have found out that she is a democrat.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Jaimie said...

Interesting blog. Just came across it today. I'll be back!

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Baby Boss said...

Every time I see this photo of Aretha Franklin and President Bush I want to crack the hell up. He look scared to death to have to be playing around her neck.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that oprah show with beyoncé and the house of Derion fashion line was awesome, especially when kelly and michelle came out, they should become models for since they follow her shadow everywhere anyway... i dont mean to diss but please, i know i aint the only to notice that Destiny's child should have been called Beyoncé's Child coz she looked and acted like the big boss there, i guess it kinda helped to have her daddy as their manager!!

1:46 AM  

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