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I'm black, and too damned power-full

Yo, MAJOR props to my new computer technician, Walter, for getting me back on online with system upgraded and err'thing!!! I have missed blogging and missed all of my blogging brothers and sisters more than you know (that means YOU! ;-) Thanks to all who've emailed, wondering if I fell off the face.

In other news, I'm delighted to have a house guest. One of my best friends from high school, Miss D, lived in New Orleans. That is, up until Hurricane Katrina threw that diva fit. So Miss D is spending the month of December with me -- and both of our birthdays are this month! Mine was on the 1st; hers is on the 11th. Lord, I may never be sober again. lol There's so much tasty wine and laughter flowing through the spot, it's a little like Mardi Gras up in here.

Anyway, point is I'm living a blessed life, connecting with my friend again on a daily basis.

But I got ish on my mind. For instance: Bush? Stanley "Tookie" Williams? Is there really that much of a difference?

To me, the Tookie Williams situation is like that blonde slut teacher, Debra Lafave, who seduced her 14-year-old male student in Florida. I'm not really feelin' this feel sorry for the criminal crap and let 'em go.

I watched the Tavis Smiley show with Williams, where he denied having killed those four people. But this claim doesn't seem to be treated seriously by anyone; I heard no mention of an ongoing investigation to clear his name. Plus, I watch Judge Mathis so I've been to the puppet show and have seen the damned strings. People lie like rugs. I mean, people can be cold-blooded BUSTED and still lie straight-faced to your face.

So I'm not so sure this alleged murderer should be let off the hook. As they say in Jersey, "allz" I know is that if that mofo had killed one of my loved ones, he would have to die. And since I probably couldn't get my hands on him in prison, I would count on my Governator to get the job done for me.

I am also counting on my Governators and Congress-ators to handle those other lying murderers. The ones behind the deaths of over 2,000 Americans in Iraq.

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Blogger Mr. Techjitsu said...

Hmmm- Bush & Tookie...

I agree- both have either current or past thug-like tendencies, but I am not willing to go further. Personally, I am against the death penalty- in all situations. Would I want to kill the person that killed anyone in my family? SURE! But that isn't justification.

Do I think Tookie should be in jail? HELL YES! Any other questions?

10:32 AM  
Blogger Berry said...

Welcome back.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous udaman said...

I believe that it is disrepectful to compare the president of the USA to a rapid criminal like Tookie. The chronic self-deception of the black electorate to the fact that the white liberal Democratic Party has taken them for granted is evident in such knee-jerk comments. One must remember that this is an ALL-VOLUNTEER armed forces in Iraq made up of dedicated men and women who actually BELIEVE that America can make a difference amongst the oppressed of the world. It doesn't matter to me if a large majority of Blacks have a jaded social self-esteem which precludes their participation in the Democratic process, but it is utterly ironic to me that a people which had suffered over 350 years of slavery and oppression are too keen to attack the prospect of ANOTHER people 10,000 miles away who are risking their lives to VOTE (look it up) in the 3RD national election since the fall of murderous dictator Saddam Hussein.It should be a sign to all blacks (who rarely vote buy into the false reports of voting scandals) that it is yet possible to participate in the Democratic process. Black people relish self-deception over self-actualization and there is no excusre for failure when the failure lies in us.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


well maybe the governator will soon grant your wish, and tookie smith's. the movement's objective is to keep him alive but still jailed.

wish i could say i share your sentiment about the death penalty. i surely have misgivings about it in general and in the large scheme of life. but when i connect emotionally with the possibility that it could have been my mother murdered, every fiber of my being would want revenge. i mean eye-for-an-eye "justice."

5:06 AM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


okay you busted me and you're 1,000% right: i have no respect for the president of the usa. why? because i believe he's possibly an exponentially worse murderer than tookie williams is alleged to be. we can all see that i don't take well to murderers, and if it turns out that bush and his boys lied to get america to war in iraq -- to jack saddam of his country's oil -- then the president's a thug like tookie. just a white version of tookie with higher stakes and more money involved. the bloods vs. the crips vs. the neo-cons. you do a body count (the math) and tell me which of these unethical killers have racked up more points.

what's more, if what many suspect about mr. bush's war is correct, he has not only killed thousands of undeserving muslims, he has caused the deaths of hundreds of american soldiers engaged to do so.

god bless our troops, we love them and need them. specifically, they were needed in afghanistan, a noble and righteous cause. but this mess in iraq appears to be the 2nd grandest joke in history. the 1st grandest being the colonizers bringing african slaves to the americas and now being stuck with us -- all the while scared to shit of us and going to bizarre lengths with racism because of it.

america must listen and learn. colin powell tried to tell the peoples: you break it, you own it. so now mr. bush has broken how many hearts and lives, both american and iraqi? he and his cabinet own whatever fate befalls his sinful schemeing, as does tookie williams.

5:29 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said..., you didn't take the quiz?

1. Your points are purely hypothetical and have no firm basis in reality. The reality is that Clinton set in motion the current conflict in Iraq with 8 years of bombings and a congressional resolution to REMOVE Saddam Hussein from power in 1998. Clinton, who never had the moral will to back this rhetoric with action, simply left a proven dangerous and unstable dictator in office for the next administration to handle. This is akin to calling out the leader of the Crips, then booking in the middle of the night. Perhaps Clinton expected Saddam to leave office gracefully. However, it certainly took more than just a resolution to make Saddam leave Kuwait.
2. The hypothesis that had Bill Clinton invaded Iraq and NOT found WMD’s that he would have been excoriated by the Republicans and impeached is countered by the observation that the Clinton Administration which had the largest number of criminal convictions of any US Presidency, DID skate by many possible impeachment scenarios with little more than a “blip” in the press. Also, with a Republican dominated Congress already in place – what good would it have been to bake a lame duck?
3. The hypothesis that had the Twin Towers had been knocked down on Clinton’s watch and had Osama not been found and dealt with years later that Clinton would have been labeled grossly incompetent is also not necessarily true. Osama bin Laden and his cohorts attacked America, its servicemen or its agents,over 8 times from the 1993 World Trade Center and the attack on the USS Cole in the fall of 2000 – on Clinton’s watch. Furthermore, Osama bin Laden declared war on the USA in August 1996 and Clinton who was offered the extradition of bin Laden from the Sudanese on several occasions between 1996 and 1998, but refused him. Perhaps, if he had taken him, we could have avoided 911. Alas, the revisionist leftist press gives him a pass then as now.
4. One may justifiably compare certain levels of poverty on the Urban Plantations of America with the rest of the world, but no one can deny the superior OPPORTUNITIES that exist in this capitalist democracy. The opportunities to escape the New Orleans 9th ward, 6 mile and Gratiot in Detroit or South LA etc are there but it is the practice of out of having multiple wedlock pregnancies and criminal behavior leading to a 30% incarceration rate among black males that is holding them back. It is neither America’s nor President Bush’s fault; rather, it’s the habitual embracing of a dysfunctional subculture.

War is not a made-for-tv-movie. In the waging of war or the apprehending of our enemies one cannot dismiss the complexities of the geopolitical climate on the ground. We have boots on the ground for Osama. Eventually, he will be caught or killed. The terrorists’ political capital is directly related to how much PR they can get and just because President Bush refuses to give Osama free “PR”. Osama’s timing of his ‘video’, just before the last Presidential Elections, was simply designed to give himself a PR rise on the cheap.

The statement “That’s all we ever wanted him to do: get Osama” belies a even a greater irony. Just as putting “Tookie” in the Pookie didn’t shut down the Crips, catching or killing Osama won’t shut down Al Queda, either. At the end of the day the Black Uber-Socialists who can find unlimited energy to rehabilitate the worst of the worst in the Black Community, fail miserably in finding ways to rehabilitate the very communities which spawn these very same criminals.

… that’s a point that even the Limosine Liberals of the Black Literary Elite may well consider….


4:11 PM  

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