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Stanley "Tookie" Williams: The Last Sentence

Witnesses at the Stanley "Tookie" Williams trial said he boasted about the killings, stating "You should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him." Williams then made a growling noise and laughed for five to six minutes, according to the transcript that the Governor Schwarzenegger referenced in his denial of clemency.

Question: Who's laughing now, Mr. Williams?

Answer: Not a single soul. Because there's nothing humorous about being murdered. Not even when it's you.

This is a sad, sad day. The Street God is gone; the co-founder of the Crips is black history.

Let those who revered what the Street God stood for translate his life of words and deeds this way: Thou shall not kill, lest the System will surely take another son to crucify.

May God walk with the family and friends of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, and the countless people who've lost loved ones to gang violence. Perhaps Tookie's demise will be the very period ending the most important chapter, verse and sentence he wrote. Let his eternal silence send his disciples this most resounding message: The end.

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Blogger Lili said...

The whole thing is tragic in so many ways. My heart is heavy and I can only pray for everyone who was affected by this. The victims, the family and friends of both sides.
I certainly hope it is "the end"

9:25 AM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


i agree. the whole thing is totally heartbreaking. senseless violence begets more of the same. i sure hope tookie's death leads many people to chose to celebrate life and freedom.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Mr. Techjitsu said...

I detect a large amoutn of vengence and anger in your words, Viqi. IMHO, this desire for ULTIMATE retribution is what is wrong with our country- now more than ever. You may see this as a stretch, but it is that same attitude that prompted Americans to blindly follow Bush after 9/11. A lot of people STILL believe Saddam had something to do with the towers-attack not only because Bush said it, but because he is a TANGIBLE scapegoat [we can't get our hands on Osama].

We are so bloodthirsty in this country that the silence from a vast majority of the public in regards to rumors & evidence of our country supporting and using torture is DEAFENING! If we are such a God-fearing country, why are we so eager to KILL?!?! State-sacntioned murder is not CIVILIZATION.

I am so depressed by the apparent rationalization of murder when it SUITS the public conscience, but the condemnation when it makes people uneasy. I am an ABSOLUTIST: "Thou shalt not kill" has NO EXCEPTIONS! That is the ONLY way to have a moral leg to stand on.

As the saying goes: an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth will leave everyone blind and toothless...

9:42 AM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

mr. tech,

as always, your point is well taken. and you are quite correct that i'm angry. angry that assholes in gangs are terrifying my mother and aunts and other elders in what once were whole, nurturing black communities. i want our neighborhoods back and if sacrifcing those who've robbed us of them helps that cause, so be it. i want our parents and children to be safe; i don't want to lose them at the hands of gang violence, war in iraq, or anything else that's as wrong as two left shoes.

everyone in my circle tries too damned hard to be tolerant, harmless Christians to fall prey to these nonsensical threats. if the threat of death by law is what it takes to stem the tide of criminal activity, then i'm okay with it. there are consequences to everything; and everyone has the same choices.

you say you're depressed about the rationalization of murder. but that's precisely what you're doing when you defend murderers. what about the absolute strangers they've killed? it seems you've rationalized away the value of their lives. you didn't even mention those who've died because of people such as tookie williams.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...

The names of Tookie's victims:

Albert Owens
Yee Chen Lin

What about Tookies' victims? Not surprisingly, the Liberal Left and the Civil Rights Revisionists did their best to OMIT any mention of the four men and women who he murdered in cold blood. I heard on the radio the Grand Pimpdaddy of the Dead Civil Rights Movement, Jesse Jackson, refer to Tookie's victims as 'four white people'- clearly an attempt to dehumanize them and to justify their murders in the minds of racists so inclined.

This is not just about the dehumanizing influences of the Urban Welfare Plantation which breeds the Tookie Monsters, but the dehumanizing arrogance of the so-called Black Leaders who, like Tookie, dehumanize and then victimize THEIR OWN PEOPLE in order to satisfy their lust for power.

The Jesses, the Al's, the NAACP and the Black Caucus and their syncophants are just as guilty of murder as the Tookie Monsters they support at the expense of our communities. Their form of murder is the maintenance of the status quo welfare state at the behest of the Liberal Left in return for power and money.

....and may God also place his healing Hands upon the Hearts and Minds of the Families of these four.


8:50 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


you are so right. instead of condoning the leaders/creators of gang violence, the "civil rights" pimps have lost their minds and sided with the creeps who've played a major role in ruining the very communities they claim to want to improve.

maybe the right reverend et al should be sent letters expressing disgust, penned by all of the blacks whose families have been devastated by gang violence. they should be called to task for not being involved at this level, and now suddenly and shockingly supporting the organizer of the ugliest war fought on american soil: black on black crime.

this is why i have no problem with farrakahn. critics can say what they will about him, but only he has remained true to grassroots improvement of our families and communities in a tangible way.

we can't blame the racist gov't. in the sky for everything. we've got to get down and dirty and clean our own houses, too. we've got to be okay with losing the worst elements of our communities, if we're going to green our garden again... not put these human weeds in a vase and set them on pedalstals for writing a few humane words when the executioner's just about to flip the switch.

3:14 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...


For the most part: "sho' u rite!"

But is it a requirement for one to be a rabid anti-semite and racist in order to remain "true to grassroots improvement of our families and communities in a tangible way"?

And can anybody, anybody puleeeeeeeez explain to the rest of us what the hell is FarraKlan's "Mutha Ship" all about?


11:20 AM  
Blogger Mr. Techjitsu said...

Here we go again... So, your response to Farrakhan is to disregard everything positive he says, but focus on the his negative statements? Aren't you the same person that claims we behave in this EXACT MANNER in regards to Bush and the Conservatives?

I have no LEADER. I am responsible for myself and my own actions. Why wait for a leader that will live up to my standards and be beyond reproach? Why put the responsibility on someone else's shoulders? If I believe in action, why do I need someone to guide my actions?

And speaking of 'Christian leaders'... An article in the Washington Post attempts to focus a little attention to the apparent hypocricy of the 'Religioius Right' when it comes to one of Jesus' most touted practices: caring for the poor. The absence of any outcry from the Conservative Christian movement in regards to government plans to cut services to the poor [while also cutting taxes for primarily the rich] seems to point to their Republican ideology over-shadowing the religious beliefs. The response:

... groups such as Focus on the Family say it is a matter of priorities, and their priorities are abortion, same-sex marriage and seating judges who will back their position against those practices.

So, let me get this straight... Jesus had 'priorities'? He didn't just speak on EVERYTHING- he would focus his efforts more on the BIG things like defending 'Christmas', getting the 10 commandments put into EVERYTHING [schools, gov't buildings], and keeping 'under God' in the pledge of allegiance?

Thanks for clearing that up for me...

1:53 PM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...

The myopic world view of the hysterically paranoid Black - Uber Socialist compels him to 'settle' for every 'so-called' leader who appears to do 'some good' in his community.

This 'settling' is apparent in the Democratic Party run Urban Welfare Plantations whether it be the 9th Ward of N'awleans, south of 8 mile in Detroit, Southside Chicago. et.al. in the Hood, there is ONE mindset for ONE party. It’s akin to going into an ice cream store which has only ONE flavor. The local politics are a joke where black aldermen run against each other on the same Party ticket.

Farra-Klan is merely an extension of this 'settling'. Much could be said for the 'good' that Hitler did in Germany...the German people, hungry for ethnic esteem accepted his vile racism in return for his magnetic edifying leadership.

It would not surprise me that the Nation of Islam has on its agenda to ferment a coalition with the worse of the worse of the world’s islamo- fascists…..a Mega Sleeper Cell. Add a beard and Mr. FarraKlan would resemble and sound exactly like the current President of Iran who has called literally for the destruction of Israel: A Hitler personified..

The problem, therefore has nothing to do with a religious - right wing -white- conservative- agenda than it has to do with the impoverished spirits of blacks who have forsaken their own Historical Christian Roots in return for a watered down morally relativistic secularism which is pernicious, suspicious, and seditious.

It is a well known fact that the majority of welfare programs have done nothing to reverse the downward spiral of the huddled masses in the urban plantations. It is also a well known fact that the revenue from these programs goes to the support of the local party politic which is invariable the Democratic Party. This pork BANKROLLS the Welfare Cottage Industries which support the liberal elite.

The inane liberal mantra "tax cuts for the rich" originates from the same mentalities which think they should eat for free. In reality, the Bush tax cuts PROPORTIONATELY gave every one WHO PAID TAXES a cut.

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." – 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

So if you won’t WORK – don’t expect us to FEED you...and if you don’t pay BIG taxes – don’t expect a BIG tax cut.


5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr. techjitsu:

"A bean pie in one hand and a bowtie around the neck will not solve one problem nor give one self-respect." - UDAMAN

4:05 PM  

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