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Stanley "Tookie" Williams

I've been told that I sometimes take things too personally. And such is the circumstance surrounding my position in the Stanley "Tookie" Williams death sentence debate. I can sort of "feel" the dispair of those he allegedly murdered, and of their devastated family members who will never fully recover from those losses. I can too easily imagine these being my loved ones gunned down.

None of the well-intentioned children's books Mr. Williams wrote can bring back the dead, nor can they probably lift the spirits of the walking-dead relatives whose hearts long to hear their laughter again. So the writing of those books doesn't amount to much in my mind. Want to absolutely convince kiddies not to engage in gang violence? Perhaps a field trip to Mr. Williams' "services" would do the trick. Maybe his most tangible contribution to humanity will be martyrdom.

That said, I do have doubts about the death sentence -- particularly prior to the era of DNA testing. One of the worst circumstances on the planet was the wrongful imprisonment of innocent people. Unlike cloning and microwaves, this DNA science is one of the few true, unquestionable blessings that modern advancements have brought us. Because Mr. Williams maintains his innocence of those murders, I hope his is a situation where the science can swoop down and prove his accusers wrong. If there's really reasonable doubt, the man's sentence ought to be commuted.

So I would support a re-trial for Tookie Williams, whose original jury was all white after the dismissal of a number of blacks. This happened amidst the hysteria of gang violence, so there very likely were imbalances and unfair racial nuances surrounding his trial. Again, I'd be down with taking another look at what really happened. But if that nor DNA evidence proves anything different, I'd be okay with the death sentence standing.

One key reason why death sentencing was legalized was to send a resounding message to all of us who are pissed with our disloyal mates, tired of not having money so conk somebody on the head, or "go postal" on our ignorant bosses. The message is that there are severe, deadly consequences for losing control and disregarding the lives and well being of others. And in a day in time when being imprisoned sells more CDs, gets us two TV shows and million-dollar book and movie deals, I'm okay with the stakes being upped. The idea of rotting in jail just isn't the horrible thing it used to be; too many of us have become immuned to it. Hey, you can sex celebrities in some of these jails! What fun. And for some poor folks, here's a definite way to keep a roof over your head and daily meal. One might argue that for some, living on this side of bars is the real hell.

So how do we put ourselves in check, prevent petty hotheads from killing us just because we stepped on their Nikes or they simply like our Corolla better than they like riding the bus? Here's how: you increase the stakes with the threat of receiving a death penalty.

I'd just like us to have unquestionable scientific proof first that the correct person has been fingered. But then again, there was "unequivocal proof" of WMD in Iraq, wasn't there? Does this mean the U.S. will restore Saddam Hussein to power now, give him back his many palaces and oil? Oops, mea culpa! Does this mean that whomever started the war in Iraq, causing the deaths of thousands of Iraqi freedom fighters and American troops should meet Mr. Executioner, too? Hell, someone's done a lot more than merely stepped on Saddam's Nikes. Who's going to do the time? If you do the math based on a body count in Iraq, someone "up there" makes Tookie Williams and Saddam Hussein look just about like angels.

I'm just seeking some consistency in the rules here. That, and an end to all this devaluing of lives.

The thugs in D.C. deserve the same treatment as those in Compton. If God gave his only begotten son to serve as an example, perhaps he'd also turn over Tookie Williams and whomever started the most bizarre war of our time. Conversely, God could step in with DNA evidence for "Tookie" Williams and WMD evidence for "Tookie" Bush. At the moment, I just don't see much difference between the two.

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Anonymous UDAMAN said...


A."The community of nations may see more and more of the very kind of threat Iraq poses now: a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction, ready to use them or provide them to terrorists. If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow." --

B."[W]e urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs." --

C: "If You Don't Believe that Saddam Hussein Is A Threat With Nuclear Weapons, Then You Shouldn't Vote For Me."

D.“Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.”

E."In The Four Years Since The Inspectors, Intelligence Reports Show That Saddam Hussein Has Worked To Rebuild His Chemical And Biological Weapons Stock, His Missile Delivery Capability, And His Nuclear Program. ... It Is Clear, However, That If Left Unchecked, Saddam Hussein Will Continue To Increase His Capability To Wage Biological And Chemical Warfare And Will Keep Trying To Develop Nuclear Weapons."

A.Bill Clinton in 1998
B.From a letter signed by Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara A. Milulski, Tom Daschle, & John Kerry among others on October 9, 1998
C.Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry January 2003
D.Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002
E.Sen. Hillary Clinton October 2002

No doubt that the Clintonistas and their intel gathering machine had Iraq and Saddam in their crosshairs YEARS before George W. Bush had left Crawford, Texas. The number of civilian casualties under Bill Clinton's 8 years of bombing may never be known.The United Nations, which refused to grant Clinton approval to invade Serbia, did count out 5,000 Belgrade Serbian Christians whom he bombed to death in what the United Nations described as "an indiscriminate bombing campaign" - in order to "wag the dog" during Monicagate. Yet even then, the Republican dominated Congress supported him and not tried to undermine our troops in the field as the Democrats are doing today. But...I digress.

To infer that because the USA did not find WMD's in Iraq that we should give the country back to Saddam is akin to the bizarre thinking which led the US Supreme Court to return Dred Scott back to his Massa even though he had sued for his freeodom while passing with his Massa through a free state....

If one is prone to embracing Farrakhan's folly to believe that his Muslim brethren will give Blacks a pass, then on need not look any further than the Sudan to see the fruits of Islamo-Fascism with the Muslim war machine killing, raping, enslaving and terrorizing the Black Christian African populace.

The myopic world view of the Black Uber-Socialist prevents him from seeing the Big Picture...ever vigilant for any slight or injustice to his perpetually injured self-esteem, he carries his Blackness as a WOUND dressed with the bandages of victimization, entitlement and projection while encouraging the less sophisticated in his community to follow suit.

The ONLY Freedom Fighters in Iraq are our brave, dedicated American Troops, and our Iraqi and international supporters who are sacrificing their lives to give the Iraqi people a chance to Vote...a privelege exploited here
on American Urban Plantations by White and Black Liberal community leaders soley for the sake of maintaining their base of support.

The Black Uber-Socialist would be well informed to remember that thousands of Black and White Union Soldiers fought and died to liberate Black slaves during the Civil War. As in Iraq today, they too, were 'freedom fighters'. The purpose of our military then, as now in Iraq is being directed by noble men for a noble cause, and the fact that they were both Republicans is beside the point...even though the Republican Party was founded as a counter-point by abolitionists to combat pro-slavery Democrats.

The pathological need for self-deception by some of us in the Black community is evident in the habit of choosing the Rascal OVER the Hero for the role models of their communities: the adulterous addicted Marion Berrys, the slanderous race-baiting Al Sharptons, the racist anti-semitic Louis Farrakhans, the race-baiting huckster Jesse Jacksons, the dubiously innocent O.J.Simpson, the murderous Tookie Williamses, and as if we could not evision a President of our own - that 'first Black President' the criminally indicted and amoral Bill Clinton. These, of course,are often prefered instead of the Colin Powells, the Condi Rices, or the Clarence Thomases

At the end of the day, the myopic world-view of the Black Uber-Liberal makes him susceptible to the control of the Anti-American Marxist Left. The same mind-think which gives White Liberals a PASS for the racist comments which they throw at Conservative or Independent Blacks (NY Times cartoons of Condileeza Rice, Howard Dean's racist comments before the Black Caucus, Ted Kennedy's racist remarks about black or hispanic 'Neanderthals')is the same PASS which self-deceiving Blacks continue to give the Tookie Williamases of the world.

Today's generation of Blacks have allowed themselves to be lobotomized by doses of liberal revisionism and their morals compomised by liberal values.Thus,they barely have any appreciation of the many martyrs who died for the right to vote on the streets of Birmingham or who were beaten on the backroads of Alabama.

The War in Iraq, then, is a metaphor for two peoples 10,000 miles apart: one proud people making momentuous strides in controlling their own destiny...and a once proud people who seem to have forgotten how they got where they are today...

Ironically, the mental, moral and social salvation of Afro-Americans may find a revival through a vicarious identification with the struggles of the Iraqi People. Perhaps,as Blacks listen to the stories of Saddam's heinous oppressions, the Iraqi's struggles and triumphs as they build their Democracy...maybe, just maybe...


12:38 AM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


I'm not one to make excuses for any politician on any side of the aisle. I hold them all to the same high standards. They all make mistakes, so I'm one who looks more at the magnitutude of the errs.

So if I were to weigh everyone's words and actions and results, here's where I net out after considering your points:

1. If Bill Clinton had invaded Iraq with the express goal of ridding Iraq of WMD, but never found them, he too would be admonished by me and millions of others. But the fact of the matter is that Clinton did NOT make such a startling error; Bush did.

2. If Bill Clinton had invaded Iraq and found no WMD, the Republicans would by now have him in impeachment court. They would be smearing the man's very blood all over the nation's capitol, rightly crucifying him for gross judgment calls and war profiteering friends. Monica Lewinsky would have been a blip on the radar screen, a non-issue, as the Republicans would have hung their political hats on this unbelievable atrocity called war in Iraq.

3. If the Twin Towers had been knocked down on Clinton's watch, and Osama had still not been found and dealt with years later, Clinton would rightfully have been labeled grossly incompetent. Yet, Bush is only now uttering the word "Osama" publicly this year, only because bin Laden's name popped up in video a few hours before Bush's latest bullshit speech.

4. I need not listen to heinous stories of Saddam's oppression of his people; the Iraq people are not my immediate concern. I'd much rather the war criminals in office "free for democracy" the oppressed people living in the U.S. It is most disingenious of our government to gallavant across the world "creating democracies" (where there is oil), when the lives of the underclasses on this very soil are disaterous. We should send the Iraqis film of what a democracy looks like in inner-city New Orleans and then ask the Iraqis if they ever asked anyone to come create such an odious life for them.

The man said he would get the people who knocked down those towers. We were 1,000% behind him. He has not delivered. What's more, it is an insult that Bush likes to sweep that promise under the rug, as if he never promised to "get" Osama.

That's all we ever wanted him to do: get Osama. He has failed miserably on that assignment. I don't know about you, but where I work, poor performance such as this gets you fired. And that's a rule that should apply equally on both sides of the political aisle.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Lili said...

Viqi - it's been ages!
I'll bet Tookie never thought that the person who could save him from the death penalty would be the Terminator.
I've follwed a bit of this and my conclusion is this. Let Tookie live! The evidence/trial regarding his crimes or what he was convicted of aside, he has redeemed himself, he has helped the community and proved that his life is worth something. If we execute him what message to we send? Redemption is worth nothing? Criminals are not able to reform? What is the prison system for? To incarcerate and then forget about them? If so why are there parole hearings?
Tookie will spend the rest of his life in jail (unless his case is retried and a different verdict given) and he has proven that he can do good there. His death just sends the message that if you do bad, and then try to redeem yourself it isn't worth it.
I am against the death penalty anyway....but that's just my personal opinion.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...

UDAMAN said..., you didn't take the quiz?

1. Your points are purely hypothetical and have no firm basis in reality. The reality is that Clinton set in motion the current conflict in Iraq with 8 years of bombings and a congressional resolution to REMOVE Saddam Hussein from power in 1998. Clinton, who never had the moral will to back this rhetoric with action, simply left a proven dangerous and unstable dictator in office for the next administration to handle. This is akin to calling out the leader of the Crips, then booking in the middle of the night. Perhaps Clinton expected Saddam to leave office gracefully. However, it certainly took more than just a resolution to make Saddam leave Kuwait.
2. The hypothesis that had Bill Clinton invaded Iraq and NOT found WMD’s that he would have been excoriated by the Republicans and impeached is countered by the observation that the Clinton Administration which had the largest number of criminal convictions of any US Presidency, DID skate by many possible impeachment scenarios with little more than a “blip” in the press. Also, with a Republican dominated Congress already in place – what good would it have been to bake a lame duck?
3. The hypothesis that had the Twin Towers had been knocked down on Clinton’s watch and had Osama not been found and dealt with years later that Clinton would have been labeled grossly incompetent is also not necessarily true. Osama bin Laden and his cohorts attacked America, its servicemen or its agents,over 8 times from the 1993 World Trade Center and the attack on the USS Cole in the fall of 2000 – on Clinton’s watch. Furthermore, Osama bin Laden declared war on the USA in August 1996 and Clinton who was offered the extradition of bin Laden from the Sudanese on several occasions between 1996 and 1998, but refused him. Perhaps, if he had taken him, we could have avoided 911. Alas, the revisionist leftist press gives him a pass then as now.
4. One may justifiably compare certain levels of poverty on the Urban Plantations of America with the rest of the world, but no one can deny the superior OPPORTUNITIES that exist in this capitalist democracy. The opportunities to escape the New Orleans 9th ward, 6 mile and Gratiot in Detroit or South LA etc are there but it is the practice of out of having multiple wedlock pregnancies and criminal behavior leading to a 30% incarceration rate among black males that is holding them back. It is neither America’s nor President Bush’s fault; rather, it’s the habitual embracing of a dysfunctional subculture.

War is not a made-for-tv-movie. In the waging of war or the apprehending of our enemies one cannot dismiss the complexities of the geopolitical climate on the ground. We have boots on the ground for Osama. Eventually, he will be caught or killed. The terrorists’ political capital is directly related to how much PR they can get and just because President Bush refuses to give Osama free “PR”. Osama’s timing of his ‘video’, just before the last Presidential Elections, was simply designed to give himself a PR rise on the cheap.

The statement “That’s all we ever wanted him to do: get Osama” belies a even a greater irony. Just as putting “Tookie” in the Pookie didn’t shut down the Crips, catching or killing Osama won’t shut down Al Queda, either. At the end of the day the Black Uber-Socialists who can find unlimited energy to rehabilitate the worst of the worst in the Black Community, fail miserably in finding ways to rehabilitate the very communities which spawn these very same criminals.

… that’s a point that even the Limosine Liberals of the Black Literary Elite may well consider….


6:29 AM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


I completely hear you on the death penalty issue; all your points are very well taken. I am admittedly conflicted about this and feel badly that this is how it goes. I feel badly for Tookie's own loved ones, that they've lost a son or brother. But mostly, I feel sorry that Tookie could not stop his bizarre power mongering before things got to this point. I have no respect for how he decided to live his life. His wasn't a noble cause; he didn't form the crips to bring justice to the underserved. His was a maniacal mind and people shouldn't have to live with such threats. He made his choices every step of the way.

5:11 AM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


Your points are all well made.

5:13 AM  

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