Monday, January 9

9/11 Conspiracy Documentary

Loose Change by Alex Jones. I tried to watch this hour-long, online conspiracy film about 9/11, but have lost patience with my computer's buffering fits and starts.

If you check out this documentary, please let me know what you learn. You can click the above title to go directly to it, or copy 'n save this address to see it later:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish that you people would let this go. The only people responsible for Septembre 11 was a bunch of terrorist. Those who believe in this crap are crazy and should leave this country. Go live with Al Quada and see how great that works out for you.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


while i appreciate the time you took to leave your thoughts, i don't appreciate your having spilled your neo-con kool-aid before you left. lol

12:20 PM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...

Viqi, welcome back!

I watched the video. It was visually engrossing, although it was also an extremely flawed piece of liberal propaganda. It might have even passed on the surface for a legitimate politically unbiased piece of reporting if at the end the narrator had been able to suppress his political bias and revealed his true agenda. His lib girlyman voice actually squealed up three gleeful octaves during his attempt to tie in President Bush and his Administration to a 911 conspiracy.

No doubt the sequel where all the Jews stayed home on 911 from work at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon will soon follow..

I am also sure that the "Honorable" Louis Farra-Klan would give it 'two thumbs up' along with the 'Katrina Conspiracy against the Homies' and "I rode on the the Mother-Ship".

As I said before: Negro Liberalism is pernicous, suspicious and seditious. And there are A LOT of you black socialists/negro liberals stuck with a lip-lock on the tit of Democratic Party/Neo-Communist Propaganda Machine.

One of several excellent rebuttals to the 911 conspiracy crowd can be found in the March 2005 Popular Science Cover Story "911:Debunking The Myth" which can be googled and read online.

But alas I confess: I have always been a fan of conspiracy theories.

So,just to be fair, since the FIRST bombing of the World Trade Center in NYC occured on February 26, 1993, the fire-bombing of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas on April 19,1993, the bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, the Kobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia on June 25,1996 and the US Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya on August 7, 1998.....ALL OF THEM ON CLINTON'S WATCH...... who can you blame Bubba for trying to get it just right.... for 911?

And on that's a link for you!


8:10 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


i checked out your bill clinton link and see that you, too, are drunk on some kind of kool-aid! lol

it's astonishing to me that some people have so much hatred for clinton that they'd make up all of that stuff. the document at that site all but accuses the best president our modern economy has had of being a serial killer. just a serial killer too important to dirty his own hands.

so who do you presume is doing all of bill's killing?

...this is as ludicrous as the 1980s "urban myth" that ronald reagan had three sixes in his head.

thanks for the download on that documentary, though!

8:44 PM  

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