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Alito: Catching the Kennedy curse

Justice, she's all ablur...Every now and then, I can smell a bold faced lie. Clearly, Senators Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy are smelling something extra funky, too, with Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito. The man is full of it, and here's how the good senators (and I) know it...

At the core of one of the hot issues -- one which led Kennedy to boldly step on the toes of Republican chair Arlen Specter -- is Judge Alito's membership in a prestigious Princeton U. alumni group. Problem is, the group is widely known to have discriminated and actively campaigned against women and minority admissions in the eighties.

Alito claims he "just can't recall" being a member of this bigoted alumni group... Yeah, right. Funny, he ain't forgot ish else throughout the entire hearing. I swear, the man knows on which side Abraham Lincoln's bic was flicked on that fateful night at Ford's Theater.

And that Joe Biden: gotta love 'em (for president). Biden eventually grew fed up with Alito's dancing. He essentially flat-out asked the judge if he'd put a mention of this club on his resume/application because he hoped it would signal the Reagan White House that he was their kind of a no blacks/no women guy. It was a shocking and dramatic moment.

Thing is, I just updated my own resume. So the exercise is very fresh in my mind about how we agonize over what to add/delete before letting a potential employer see it. So we're to believe the man sent a resume to President Reagan's people, not at all sure what he had in it? Okay, maybe he didn't proof it. Or perhaps he lied and was never a member. Something's rotten here, and the Dems rightly want to know what's up.

Perhaps the Democrats have been working on their resumes, too (as well they should, since being sound asleep after 9/11!). Because showing some gumption for a change, Ted Kennedy subpoenaed the Library of Congress for the alumni group's records. He'll be looking for an indication of Alito's level of involvement in the offensive group. Oh, the Kennedy curse this may place on Alito's nomination.

This is good stuff. Primarily because it turns out that the Washington Post analyzed Alito's record on workplace discrimination cases and his marks are horrendous. Most judges rule for the little guy 50% of the time in these cases. But not Alito. He only sided with these plaintiffs in eight out of 100 cases. This screams volumes about his mind set. He either doesn't get what racism looks like, or espouses it.

Also, the way the Democrats are gnashing this man's hide makes me believe they fully intend to pimp-slap GW with an impeachment trial over the wire-tapping. Dem Senators Durbin and Leahy turned Alito's backside every which way but loose about his views on executive power vs. the Constitution. Reading between the lines, I'd say they know that if Alito makes it to the Supreme Court, there's no way in heel the court will admit the wire-tapping was possibly unconstitutional. It'll be another Bush vs. Gore election-type vic.

And meanwhile, the Republicans and their light-loafered questions are making their part of the hearing feel like the Oprah & Gail King Show. They intentially wasted lots of time just chatting at Alito, to use up time -- giving Alito a low-pressure break to regroup from the Dems' badgering. When they finally asked the judge a question, it was always like a delicate invite to take another stab at better explaining an answer the Dems had previously crucified him on. So much b.s.

Gotta commend the Democrats for mounting a serious effort to take back control of things -- EVERYthing -- today. Alito needs to go the way of Harriet Meyers. But fast and butt first.

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Anonymous UDAMAN said...


It was a familar bit of nostalgia to see the Dixiecrats pull out the ol' race card against Alito which also backfired on them before with Clarence Thomas, Alberto Gonzales, and Condi Rice.

It was as familar as the smell of spearmint tea in a Mason Jar... settin' on the porch on a hot Georgia day.

"Sho' can't let de darkies see capitalist conservatism as a viable alternative to our socialist suh!"

"So since he's obviously more qualified and far more intelligent than us, and since we really don't have ANYTHING on him...we'll pull out the ol' personal attack card...guilt by association...just maybe de darkies, de queers and de feminists will see him as just another white racist republican...!"

Chappaquidick Ted looks more like a cross between Jabba the Hut and Boss Hogg each year...And it was simply sweeeeeet watching Spector Jack Slap Teddy another shade of Red for steppin' out of line. But Biden for President? Niggaress Puleeez!

....and don't think for a minute the wiretape issue will get them anywhere:Bubba already spoiled that issue for the Donkeycrats years ago by HIS OWN WIDE abuse of that privelge...and it wasn't even DURING WARTIME!

"President had legal authority to OK wiretaps" Chicago Tribune December 21, 2005 by John Schmidt, Bill Clinton's Associate Attorney General.

The link to this article:,0,3553632.story?coll=chi-newsopinioncommentary-hed


9:09 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


i've just read the wiretap article you suggested. it doesn't address my most pressing concern about the "defrocked"* NSA program.

the breadth of the wiretapping is still unknown, and in my lifetime, there was a seedy presidentially condoned scheme called Watergate. that's the stuff that i'm checking for.

first, bush said NSA listened to a few people. now the truth is surfacing, that they've listened to millions. we need to know if there were people with no potential ties to terrorism listened on. if they're sliding in a tap of joe biden, hilary clinton, liberal district judges, ex-mistresses, and newspaper columnists who don't drink their kool-aid, bush and condi need to walk the path of nixon and his crew, head down and ashamed.

it's not a particularly big deal if they're listening to my phone conversations or watching my internet usage. and i don't have a problem with them dealing with terrorist sympathizers this way.

the problem is they've over-stepped the constitutional measures that were put in place to ensure that someone like a terrorist -- and no one else -- is tapped.

bush should have used his power to get the secret court to QUICKLY review any questionable cases. make those judges sequester themselves for a month, work night and day to approve these taps first, if he needed to turn around something so fast. but he shouldn't have disregarded the system.

these folk went buck-wild after 9/11, and it's time to put these jack(asses) back in their little box. there were no WMD, which they SWORE there were. they're sloppy workers and make too many judgment errs, at best.

at worst, these are crooks and liars who habitually shovel the american people crate after barrell of horse chips. we have a right -- an obligation -- to know which it is. clearly, it is one or the other. and neither should be okay, not in the great u.s. of a.

* i used the term "defrocked" quite intentionally. this administration seems to be molesting everything good it touches.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...


We are at War. And one of the prime reasons we have not been attacked since 911 is because THIS President will not allow the liberal fifth column in the judiciary to hamstring executive privlege and undermine our national security.

Clinton initiated the NSA'S ECHELON which has indiscriminately screened every call or email made by American Citizens since the early 1990's. Let's not forget the Bubba's FBI'S own CARNIVORE which also screens all internet activity. This amounts to an aggregate of millions if not billions of electronic correspondence screened without warrants by the Clinton Administration since their implementation. The Clinton Warrantless Searches with the NSA are legendary

link: .

As Attorney General Ashcroft so aptly noted during the 911 Commision Hearings, it was Bill Clinton's own Jamie (911 Commission Member) Gorelick who authorized 'the wall' between domestic and foreign surveillance. in 1996: the very same wall which Osama hid behind while planning 911.

The Latte Limousine Liberal has the mindset that 911 was a made-for-tv-movie and that the decisions one makes in Realtime Wartime can be Tivoed. I keep two mementos to remind me of the high stakes of Freedom: a Vietnam War draft card and a card from an acqaintance who worked at the May-Davis Group,a two-person minority owned investment firm in Tower One of the World Trade survived, the other...did not.

Condileeza Rice is the most powerful woman, in the world. She is successful conservative capitalist Republican, a Patriot and a Christian. It is no doubt that she is a threatening example to the racist anti-American Liberal left who would prefer a Tookie Williams or the Dashiki-Brained old throwbacks to the Angela Davis legacy as shining examples to our youth .

Condileeza Rice is at most The Sojourner Truth of the Oppressed of the World; a distinct alternative to Black Femi-Socialists like the Ebonically Endowed Sheila Jackson-Lee whose most mermorable achievement is raising hell about 'black' names being excluded from the Hurricane list.

On a "war-footing" we need the practical leadership Secretary of State Rice provides...not the Amos n' Andy buffoonery of the Black Liberal Left.


9:43 AM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

puh-leeze. condi is "the sojourner truth of the oppressed of the world"? WHAT are SMOKING?

i have mad respect for her personal accomplishments, but who for pete's sake are you claiming she has freed?

you need to be lynched for even fixing your lips/fingers.

6:01 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said... I said: don't hate da playa...let's start with about 35 million Iraqis of whom 11 million voted last month...not counting the sistas in Afghanistan, yo.


1:49 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


are you copying and pasting your talking points straight from or what?

first off, if the iraqis and afghans are thanking anyone for having started a deadly war in their land -- i mean, "spreading freedom" -- it would likely be bush and rummy. what makes you think these folks would even know the name "condi" to credit her anything? they'd probably heard of colin, but he's a fairly moot point in this mess now, isn't he?

second, sojourner truth worked for the freedom of the oppressed on u.s. soil. condi has done absolutely nothing for her own -- americans black, white, brown or yellow. if she wants to make an impact that the majority of us will appreciate over here, she can commit to helping rebuild some homes in NOLA or something. maybe fight for the ripped off voters in florida who're still stunned from her boss's stolen election. perhaps help provide shelter for the homeless who sleep in the park directly across from the white house.

unless and until condi makes a mark right here among her own, condi can only be credited with many stellar personal accomplishments. but no one in their right mind would consider condi's contribution to helping america become intensely loathed the world over qualifies her for the selfless, near sainthood of a sojourner truth.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...


The United States did not "start a war" in Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban Government supporting Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network started a war with the United States of America on September 11, 2001. Furthermore, it was on Bill Clinton's watch that Osama bin Laden first declared war on the USA in August 1996, issued several calls for a Jihad against Americans and planned the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Osama bin Laden Declares war on America:

As for Iraq: let's just say that Clinton demanded "Regime Change"...and Bush changed the regime:

Public Law Oct.31,1998:
Iraq Liberation Act

And there is a fundamental difference between the diplomatic roles of a Secretary of State and the domestic roles of local or nationally elected or un-elected officials: Ms. Rice's non-elected position is as the top diplomat for America amongst the nations of the world, while elected representatives are accountable to the domestic needs of their constituents.

It is also inaccurate to say that Ms.Rice "has done absolutely nothing for 'her own' --Americans black or white or brown or yellow." So unless you have expatriated yourself from America since 9-11-01, your country is still at war, and with an enemy which shows no distinction in the color of one's skin. The fact that we have so far thwarted another attack on American soil since 911 can be credited in part to the Diplomatic skills of Secretary of State Rice.

The Urban Myth of the 'stolen Florida elections' in 2000 has been refuted by an intensive investigation by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and by several independent investigations by major news organizations including the New York Times: National Review Online:

Florida Forever:The political urban legend that facts won’t kill.

The specious claim about America being "intensely loathed the world over" (the communists' world or the terrorists' world?) should be viewed with the somber realization that the policies of the previous Clinton Administration had been provoking the wrath of bin Laden and his international terrorist community for over 8 years - compared to the 8 months Bush was in office before the September 11, 2001 attacks:

"As to what you said about the attempt to assassinate President Clinton, it is not surprising. What do you expect from people attacked by Clinton, whose sons and mothers have been killed by Clinton? Do you expect anything but treatment by reciprocity?" – Osama bin Laden May 1998 from and interview with ABC reporter John Miller:

Interview Osama bin Laden (may 1998)

In the Old South there were slaves, domestic servants and "uppity niggers". Domestic servants (house Negroes) were somewhere between the slaves and the uppities. House Negroes and slaves alike sometimes feared that those acts of defiance by those "uppity" Sojourner Truths and the Harriet Tubmans could bring down the wrath of Massa down upon a whole plantation in retaliation.

Today that same stifling fear exists within the community of today's house Negro - the Negro Liberal Elite who sits perched atop the rim of the crab bucket or upon the fence of the National Plantation.

There seems little doubt that Harriet Tubman or Sojourner Truth would be just as disparaged, dismissed and disdained today as Condoleezza Rice has been by the Negro Liberal Elite - and their Liberal Benefactors.

I am sure that any of their excuses for doing so to them would be the same as yours for dismissing Ms. Rice: that she didn’t "make a mark right here among her own kind."


10:23 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


why did you make this Condi conversation about race and house negroes and what not? i certainly didn't. to talk about Condi is NOT an automatic "black conversation." in the context in which were speaking, "Condi" could be anybody -- male, female, yellow or brown. i thought we were speaking moreso in terms of an alleged contribution as National Security Advisor or Secretary of State or something. not her contributions as a black person for blacks alone.

when i said she hasn't helped the homeless, i didn't say the "black" homeless. when i said she could help the voting issue that occurred in florida, i didn't suggest that only black votes were disregarded. i'm saying she hasn't done anything of note for ANYONE on american soil. i don't care -- she could get the dang asians another round of reparations, and i'd consider it a phenomenal, selfless act on her part. but she has not. helped. ANY americans.

said another way, i thought your original point that we were arguing had to do with Condi's colorless "contribution level" -- regardless to the color of the people she's allegedly helped.

you likened Condi to Sojourner, saying that like Sojourner, Condi has freed many. not blacks in america, but arabs and women around the GLOBE. you, rightly, did not claim these were BLACKS that Condi had allegedly freed, but that WHOMEVER she'd freed, it was as noteworthy as what Sojourner Truth did centuries ago (but for blacks). i could roll with your argument; i thought we were both talking oranges. i just think Sojourner's orange is big enough to usurp the sun, and Condi's is still a little Sunkist hanging on the tree.

my point being that Condi has "freed" no one, mostly due to the mere TIMING of her appointment as secretary of state. if anyone in the admin has "freed" someone, in my opinion, that credit would go to bush, rummy or colin (due to his having been the one holding that position for the majority of time over the course of these 2 wars).

however, i gave Condi mad props for clearly having "personally and professionally" achieved otherwise.

so now, why do YOU glom onto Condi's color and make this a black thing?... again, you are flip-flopping the argument. you have changed this to an apple v. orange argument, it seems. and again, you're perspective is questionable...

you wrote, "House Negroes and slaves alike sometimes feared that those acts of defiance by those "uppity" Sojourner Truths and the Harriet Tubmans could bring down the wrath of Massa down upon a whole plantation in retaliation."

whuh?? the LAST thing ANY black person worries about when it comes to Condi is that she'll bring down the wrath of Massa on us. every black person knows that Condi ain't "thanking" 'bout black peoples! lol

to be clear, any worries about Condi are FAR greater than black and white skin color. so, please step your thinking up and out of the "race game." for whites are worried, too, about what type of diplomatic grease she will apply in all of these touchy foreign policy situations. there is no color attached to worrying about the possibility of a nuclear event; we are all equally worried about becoming toast, uda!

to reiterate my point another way: when Condi's work as secretary of state earns her the credit of having diffused this stuff with Iran or whomever, we will ALL say she has done something meaningful for "her own". and when i say "her own," i am ONLY speaking of her AMERICAN own, who are white, asian, native american, hispanic, arab, and yes, even black.

when she achieves to this level, of helping put down a war, she may qualify for something akin to the honor bestowed upon S. Truth.

because to date, Condi has not stopped a war, she has not freed anyone around the world (as you'd say that bush and COLIN have), she has not stemmed the tide of drugs in america, she has not made scholarships possible a la Lou Rawls, she has not even sat on the Supreme Court and helped do away with Affirmative Action. so she has not done so much grand work for anyone -- white, brown or yellow.

so for you to say she has fought for and helped as many people as S. Truth is ridonkulous. this is about a head count of who's been helped, not color. and because she is new as secretary of state, i cannot even give her credit for having "freed" afghan women. this did not happen on her watch.

4:41 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...


Your assertion in one statement that race has no relevance in a discussion about Ms. Rice’s service to this nation is almost immediately negated by your automatic and clichéd statement that “every black person knows that Condi ain’t “thanking” bout black peoples!” This is a racist assumption made obviously without any real understanding about Ms. Rice/s personal history or any research into Ms. Rice’s contributions to the black community. Indeed, Ms. Rice’s achievements cut across many racist assumptions that blacks harbor about themselves and that white’s harbor about blacks.

This ‘selective negritude’ of many Negroes in the Liberal Elite is their premier defense against being perceived as supporters of ‘black conservatives’ aka ‘uppity niggers’. The race-baiters of the so-called ‘black leadership’ use everything at their disposal to intimidate and exploit every disaster as if Satan himself gave conservatives or Republicans his personal marching orders to carry out his designs against black people - as Jesse Jackson did after Katrina. Race pimps like Al, Jesse, Louis, Julian, Maxine, Sheila, Harry, and some in the NAACP and the Black Congressional Caucus exploit the collective congenital fear that Massa (i.e., conservatives, republicans etc.) is trying to kill them when it is THEY who are really trying to kill them – but much more slowly by supporting the liberal policies leading to a 70% out of wedlock pregnancy rate and a 30% incarceration rate amongst black people.

Stormy Blather

Condoleezza Rice service during the Afghan and Iraq war has been as National Security Advisor and as Secretary of State. The duties of the National Security Advisor is as the principal liaison to the President of the United States and to orchestrate policy decisions based on information from the State Department, the Defense Department and the various intelligence gathering agencies. The freedoms achieved by Afghanis and Iraqis have been done so with her complicity and on her watch:

The U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council

The personal and racist attacks by Democrats and Liberals against black conservative appointees, candidates and nominees have been some of the most vile ever made in the history of racism in this country. Characteristically, the so-called “black leadership” never speaks up in their defense; and only speaks when they are told to add their own racist comments.

Radio host calls Rice ‘Aunt Jemima’

The Negro Liberal Elite’s complicity in these racist attacks lies in their silence while the liberal racist media gleefully reports these assaults without rebuttal. The Democratic Party hates minority or black conservatives almost as much as they disdain black liberals. One needn’t look far for the racist attacks against Ms. Rice, Judge Janice Rogers Brown, Clarence Thomas, Alberto Gonzales, Colin Powell and most recently Maryland gubernatorial candidate Michael Steele:

“State Delegate Salima Siler Marriott (D) told The Washington Times that, because Steele is conservative, "he is different than most public blacks." When questioned about Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. (D) -- who is white -- calling Steele an "Uncle Tom" in 2001, Marriott said, "That’s not racial."

“According to the Washington Times, white political consultant Joe Trippi said calling Steele an "Uncle Tom" is "pointing out the obvious." Trippi is a spokesman for Mfume and is best known for his leadership of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's presidential campaign.

When Howard Dean made his widely reported racist comment about black hotel staff during a meeting with the Black Caucus, not one of them or any ‘black leader’ said a word. Only until several days later under media scrutiny did this group belatedly (and timidly) castigates Massa Dean for his comments:

“You think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room?” Dean asked to laughter. “Only if they had the hotel staff in here.” Howard Dean, DNC Chairman speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus February 2005

Howard Dean: Emboldened White Liberal of the Week

The coded display and the aggressive and arrogant tone of these racists like Barbara Boxer at Ms. Rice’s Senate Confirmation Hearings, and Robert Ben-Veniste with Ms. Rice at the 911 Commision hearings were orchestrated renditions of a public verbal lynching designed to intimidate other black Americans who would possibly desire to emulate her conservative ideals. The accompanying assaults by the Liberal Press with racist caricatures in the New York Times et al. and the implicit cooperation by the silence of the Negro Liberal Elite underscored the real Liberal agenda. The White Liberal Elite are the progenitors of the tradition of the Night Riders a hundred years ago who intimidated many by the lynching of the few.

In a very real sense, Condoleezza Rice, IS the Sojourner Truth of the Oppressed of the World…...if oppression is not limited to the shackle of the burkha…millions of minds, and especially those of black youth are being liberated and given a vision of excellence which supersedes the hyperbole of the National Liberal Plantation and its defunct legacy.

By not responding assertively to the racism of their Liberal Benefactors, the so-called ‘black leadership’ has become complicit in their own demise. Beyond a sitcom for Al and a cash cow for Jesse nothing remains of “The Dream” for millions of the urban/rural poor minorities/blacks.

This almost canine-like devotion of the so-called Negro Liberal Elite to the racist Democratic Party and its Liberal Benefactors should be the envy of every dog lover on earth.



8:28 PM  

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