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Another Alito super fly: Yale's Ronald Sullivan

I wrote earlier about Professors Liu and Tribe, two strong dissenting voices who've testified against the nomination of Samuel Alito for Supreme Court Justice. Now add to that distinguished list Professor Ronald Sullivan of Yale -- originally a Morehouse College man -- whose impressive (and alarming) Alito white paper and televised testimony you can see here: Jamestown Project at Yale.

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Many legal and Constitution scholars who supported the nomination of now Chief Justice John Roberts firmly oppose Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. So the troops are mounting. The Democrats will likely delay the vote on Alito, to buy additional time to pressure the White House to send up a more moderate nominee. A STOP ALITO ad campaign already has been produced by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. And they are but one vocal group that's gearing up to loudly protest Alito's appointment with marches and other activist projects across the country.

One of the protest organizers says that Alito on the Supreme Court threatens to "set America back seven decades on individual rights." If this projection is correct, get ready to:

-- Clam up about what you say on the phone and Internet, as privacy may no longer be a right you can expect,

-- Get your hysterectomy now if you possibly may need birth control or an abortion in the future, because Alito long ago found a Constitutional loop hole to do away with both,

-- Don't do anything that'll tick off a cop. Because if they kill you on a humbug, Alito will rarely have your family's back in court,

-- Assume the promotion you just can't get at work is because you're worthless and incompetent, because Alito rarely will agree that minorities and women are treated differentially,

-- Forget your aspiration to a seat in Congress unless you drinking ultra-conservative kool-aid. Because you may not be empowered to make a meaningful difference benefitting your constituents the way that congress members do today.

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Anonymous UDAMAN said...

Judge Alito will be a reassuring counter-point to the dangerous yaw to the left that Ruth Bader Ginsberg and David Souter have given to the Supreme Court.

Ginsberg, the ex-chief counsel of the radically leftist {communist)ACLU once commented that "abortion was a right." Of course there is no evidence that deaths of women due to abortion have decreased since ROE vs WADE.

In fact it is quite the opposite:

"The fact is, there were NOT thousands of deaths prior to Roe vs. Wade. In 1972, the year before Roe, only 39 abortion related deaths were reported (by emergency rooms and morgues) to the Centers for Disease Control.

With the advent of ‘Safe & Legal’ abortions, you’d think the death rate would drop to zero. Quite the opposite is true. In 1975, two years after Roe, the CDC stated that as many as seven times more deaths were caused by legal abortions than illegal ones. According to the American Rights Coalition, over 200 women are dying every year from botched abortions."


The mantra over rape and incest is another gross misrepresentation:

"According to Planned Parenthood's own research arm, about 13,000 abortions each year are attributed to rape and incest—representing a mere 1 percent of all abortions (Guttmacher Institute, 2001). Even smaller numbers represent cases where abortion was indicated to save the mother's life, despite the fact that saving the mother has served as a pillar for apologists of unfettered abortion rights."


The strip-search of a 10 year old female mule for a drug dealing family by a female officer of the law would provide prima facie evidence to immediately remand that child into the care of the State and would remove her from further exploitation...of all kinds.

Closet Liberal Supreme Court Justice David Souter who employs decisions from foreign courts to decide American cases also was the deciding factor in the case of "imminent domain". I suppose we can thank this thoughtful liberal for the many cases popping up over this country wherein mom and pop are losing their homes to local government and land developers. Wonder if those folks in N'awleans who are getting their homes bulldozed know where to write Souter to thank him?

At the end of the day, the left's LEGACY for black america has been a toxic stew of moral relativism, multiple excuses and a lack personal responsibility...and THAT is not Judge Alito's fault.


1:02 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

uda, who sent you? you're acting like the (kkk) spook who sat by the (blogosphere) door.

again, take off that sheet and stop the cross-burning. and for pete's sake, put the neo-con kool-aid DOWN.

nancy reagan would tell you to "just say no". i'd just say stop drinking that neo-con poison. like speed, it kills.

be careful, and have a safe weekend... ;-)

PS so right, i've posted this twice.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...


I desperately need your help. I read your reply at least five times for comprehension, three times for style and I still couldn't make

sense of it. So I tried extracting the "codewords" from it and linking them together like this:

"kkksppooksheetcrossburningneoconkoolaidreaganneoconpoisonspeedkills" and then I read it over and over again for maximal effect...

still no luck!!!

Ya think you can you help a brutha out?


7:37 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

uncle uda,

oh, you well understood my point. "brutha."

or maybe not. must be hard to hear what a "sista" is saying when you have those logcabin doors slamming shut in your head.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...


lol...but really...there was nuthin' but 'taters in that stew! Hope you ain't cookin' like you write!


5:32 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...


according to one friend, my cooking's FAR worse than my writing.

can't wait to have you over for dinner, old friend. you, some fava beans and a very nice chianti. lol

2:54 AM  
Anonymous UDAMAN said...


OUCH!!! but thanks...I think that I'll take a....uh...raincheck!!!


9:08 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

uda, don't be skurred! i wouldn't burn ya, bunny. lol

6:04 AM  

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