Wednesday, March 15

Bonita. Bonita. Bonita.

I try not to do too much of this, as it can be dangerous. But: I've been thinking... Yup. It started with a post the other day where I mentioned that ominous line by George Clinton, who asked in the party anthem of the seventies, "Are you hip to Easter Island?"

So today when I saw that Easter Island was in the news, I went in search of a Mothership Connection.

I read a couple stories about Easter Island, first about scientific theories for why its original inhabitants -- the makers of these statues -- became extinct. But one article in particular made me think of two friends from the past. Both of these guys had confided that they were from another planet.

Now, don't ROFL. I'm not saying these people were 100% locked and loaded; both were quite, umm, unconventional. Both happen to be from Philly. (Maybe that's the epicenter of this ET invasion.) They didn't know each other, and I met them years apart.

Anyway, here's what gave me the flashback about these guys. It's from explorer Francis Maziére's book, chronicling his 1963 stay on Easter Island. Maziere studied the island, its history and people and may have inspired George Clinton and others by writing this:

When we were in camp we used to have long, anxious conversations by night as we gazed not only at the blazing stars but also at the artificial satellites that often passed overhead. We were told certain things ... that seem to me to be of terrible importance. I write them in the order that I [was told them by the Easter Islanders]:

  • The inhabitants of Jupiter have settled the concordance of the planets.
  • The first planet that men will come to know is Venus.
  • Our bodies cannot withstand more than two months on the planets.
  • All the planets worship the Sun.
  • Not many stars are inhabited.
  • Among us there are people whom we cannot see….
  • The current and the light of Venus are produced by the air.
  • Two planets, Jupiter and Mars, have no natural electricity: they are like the Earth.
  • There are no winds.
  • Only our Earth has men of different colours.
  • There is only one Sun, and no-one can live on it.
  • There are people living on the Moon.
  • There is one planet that has no vegetation and no earth; it is made up of water and rocks alone.
  • The sort of human beings who live there are different, and they are born in the water.
Are the people who tell us such things certifiable? Stoned? Or really looking for our leader?

I don't land squarely on either side of the question. I just like tripping off the fact that no one seems to have indisputably figured out extraterrestials. Really, we're all like A Tribe Called Quest. You know, in the intro for Bonita Applebaum? Where Q-Tip begs in that frail, helium-ish voice, "Can you let me know? Right now, please?"

Space, the final frontier. Not just knee-deep.

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Blogger SunshineMama said...

So Viqi, what happened to the guys? Where are they now? Have you since lost contact with them???

12:46 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

hey hokai,
i lost touch with both of them over the years. one was a neighbor and i wound up moving to another city. the other i dated a few years. we broke up and he moved to NYC, so we lost touch. i sure would like to see them today and ask what that was all about. lol

10:38 PM  
Blogger Clay said...

another planet???????????? wow and you dated one of them!

7:41 PM  
Blogger Viqi French said...

LOL! well, clay... i guess since i like being well entertained, i tend to befriend those who are left of center. so when each of these people confided their beliefs about their origin, i just listened. mostly for a sign of whether i should run out the door or just call for a straightjacket.

there may have been a mind-altering something or other involved, though. which is why i wish i could see them now and ask if they still feel the same.

3:09 AM  
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